This whole series started because of an antique desk that I purchased in January of this year.  I had wanted an old roll top desk for my study since the old desk took up too much room. The moment I brought the object into the study, it became a source of inspiration and started to transform my house. The "Green Man", who is carved in the front of the desk, has been a favorite of mine since childhood. There couldn't be a better symbol for the rebirth that I have found just recently.

So much nicer than modern particle board.
Don't look directly into his eyes...

The Green Man inspired me to turn my study into the quintessential haunted house library. Since I don't yet have the gall to get an architect to make plans for a Mansard Roof, I figured I could go room by room. For the study, I thought of what would be in a typical list of objects, and the first one that popped into my head was antlers. I had been eying some real Roe Antlers at a nearby store, but they wanted around a hundred bucks- pun unintentional. Seems extravagant and cruel to pay 100 bills for a piece of a dead animal. I decided to create my own. I carved the base out of a scrap piece of wood, and the antlers are coat hanger wire, aluminum foil, super sculpey, and paint.

Not bad for a nights work.

No animals were harmed.
The next object that I started on my list was Wayside Shrine. The notion of me creating a crucifix is a weird one to those that know me, but it is an object that I had always wanted. This object comes from my love of the old Dracula movies from the 50's and 60's that came out of Hammer Horror Studios. Nearly every vampire movie of that era had a scene with a stagecoach wildly out of control trying to reach a castle by nightfall. One of the props is a little crucifix with a roof, which in my mind must have been an island of solace in a dark and haunted forest. This is where I was in my life- a man looking for a beacon. I wanted mine to be creepy and aged, and the thought of sculpting Jesus was an interesting problem that I had never encountered before. I tried to make mine look like it was made out of steel, with a patina and weather-beaten look. I thought the moss would give it a little color.

Silver Jesus is ready for a clay body.

Such an odd image I had to snap a pic.

No matter what anyone says, the container is not for dippin' sauces.

Next on the list is a shrunken head. The leather and brass spool that I purchased from a local flea market was the inspiration for this piece. The head is made out of a ball of aluminum foil with super sculpey and paint. The eyebrows, nose hair, and ear hair are made from an old hog haired paintbrush. The hair is from a horse tail. The skull beads are old antiques.
Yes, I still read books.

Don't drink the liquid in the green claw-foot flask.

Before a trial by fire.

Before the hair came in the mail.

The next object went through many permutations. I have always wanted to create a Hand of Glory, but this is a slightly different version. The object looks like the severed hand of an old Vampiress. I  found an old display case that plays a weird Bavarian classical tune for 5 bucks at my local flea market. The hand is made of coat hanger wire, foil, and sculpey. The hand has fingernails made of Popsicle sticks, and the skin is made out of paint and tissue paper. The lace and velvet are from the craft store. I made cobwebs on the inside of the case with a glue gun.

Hey- who put this here?

Nightmares of the foil hand.

I've commandeered my kids lap desk.


Extra crispy.

Before the nails.

The original ring.
Looks even creepier in the dark.

The next project was a quick one. I call this one the Ritual Skull. This one started from a block of great Pacific Northwest cheese. I had saved the black wax on the outside of this huge block of cheese. One day after work I sat in the first warm day of the year and sculpted the wax into a smooth looking skull. Here it sits on the desk in the study.

Why Katharine- you do look beautiful...
This object it is not something that I created. I call this the Haunted Halloween Hood. I bought this from nice old lady who might be as twisted as I am. She had a 1930's Halloween die cut attached to a little hood, and as I turned it around it around, I knew I would own this piece. The front was a one-of-a-kind hand-sewn child's hood from long ago. This object is so creepy- *that is* until I looked at it as a kind of symbol of Halloween. Then it just looked like a little sad ghost. I can't imagine this mask on a little kid, and I won't even let my kids wear it.

 My latest and most grand project has spilled from my study and into the backyard. About a month ago, my girls and I planted hundreds of flowers from seed around out house. I had told them that they could have a little plot of land near the back porch if they wanted. When I checked on them a few hours later, they had cleared the ground to dirt, and had made the thing into a little graveyard. My heart beamed with pride as they giggled in their Charles Addams moment. I liked the concept, but I asked them if I could create a green house that we could start and keep plants in year round. We agreed that if we grew weird and exotic plants it would be great for the backyard "vibe". The greenhouse is almost done, and there are many other projects nearing completion.
It's not all dark and spooky around here.
Gonna leave that dirt right there.
We affectionately call this the glass outhouse.
An early Saturday morning.
At least I'm having a better day than this guy.
This cat needs to stop looking at me like that.


Adventure Time Music Heroes

Here's few of my kids favorite things. Adventure Time Cartoon style with their musical heroes. My daughters were drawing pictures of Zappa, Dylan, and Hendrix- and it gave me the idea.



Here's my take on the classic gypsy from the Wolfman films.


Countdown to Halloween

This year I am part of a blog that is a collection of artists that celebrate the 31 days of October. Hopefully I'll be able to post some of the Halloween projects I am currently working on, so check back often!

The website is:



Here is an illustration that I did earlier this year for a marathon race in Seattle.


Halloween Portal

Here's my first piece for the Halloween Season.


Sideshow Banner

Here's a sideshow banner that I made for my backyard. It's acrylic on a 5'x7' canvas tarp. 
Ghost Bear is an elusive bear that lives in my neighborhood.

Here is the banner hanging on the outside of my house.